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Premium Mulch Doesn't Come In A Bag - Experience The Difference!

Redefine your garden or building project with mulch bed solutions from Sherman Outdoor Services! We offer a variety of quality topsoil, mulch, compost, and straw for commercial and residential landscaping and gardening. Each year homeowners and business owners typically re do garden beds, add an extra layer of mulch, or improve the quality of their landscape. Whether its wood mulch or double shredded black mulch, we can deliver and dump straight to your door!

What We Offer

In addition to providing all types of mulch, we also provide spreading, leaf removal, and manicuring for gardens and lawns. Many of our customers find this service helpful at the end of the summer or in the fall in preparation for the winter. The advantage of the end of summer manicure is the ability to use the mulch as a protective blanket for your plants during the cold months. Some customers choose to put down mulch in the fall and again in the spring. We also perform hedge trimming and can cut and haul away small trees. We try to provide our customers with a 360° landscaping experience instead of just dumping the mulch and leaving the rest up to you!

Bark Mulch

Bark mulch is the most premium type of mulch available and will be the closest to replicating what happens in nature.

Black Mulch

The color, longevity and quality of black wood mulch makes it the perfect way to lock in moisture for plants, trees and shrubs.

Dark Brown Mulch

Dark Brown Mulch is a colorized wood mulch offered by Sherman Outdoor Services.

Premium Top Soil

Our premium top soil is ready to use and nutrient rich. It’s perfect for whatever your landscaping needs.

Mulch Completes Your Landscape

Make your project stand out with a fresh landscape. Always remember, a nice lawn is even nicer with mulch!

Mulch Looks AMAZING!

Mulch is often the final touch of a well-manicured garden, it is the basis to a refreshed, healthy, and robust looking landscape. The defined line between yard and garden gives definition to your landscape and gives your project a bold and clean look. Mulch can be used in gardens, shrubbery, or trees. Anything you plant in the mulch gets the strong feeling of purpose and helps with the overall aesthetic of your landscape.  With our color-enhanced mulch options you can customize your project and make your garden look exactly how you see it in your head! Also, brown and black mulch will keep its color composition longer which will provide great color for more of the season.

Mulch also works alongside man-made landscaping elements to create a more dynamic project. Mulch around the perimeter of these features acts as a transitional space from the artificial to the natural. 

Mulch Saturates Soil

Mulch generally helps soil retain its moisture. A layer of mulch keeps sunlight and wind from reaching the ground, protecting the water in the soil from drying out. Mulch retains the proper temperature in the soil to help prevent it from freezing. Mulch loses its base every 3 -5 months, keep fresh mulch to help keep your yard healthy!


Mulch Fights Off Weeds

Mulch keeps your yard free of weeds in two ways: stifling and obstruction.
Mulch stifles weeds that have already grown in the area. Applying a deep layer of mulch will protect your soil from the sun, which starves weed sprouts and prevents them from growing.

Second, mulch stops new weeds from growing. Weed seeds blown onto your mulch will not be able to penetrate the mulch and your lawn will look healthy. We recommend applying a mulch layer at least 3 inches deep to ensure the soil is not too barren. Adding layers of mulch enhance the quality of your landscape overall.

If your weeds are more aggressive, it will be beneficial to have several layers of protection. Dig up the area, then place herbicide granules. Stake down weed cloth and weigh it down with wood chips, which decompose very slowly. On top of the wood chips, lay down double-shredded hardwood mulch. The heavy mulch will keep the herbicide granules in place. The top layer of mulch will decompose much faster than the wood chips, so your only upkeep is replacing the top layer each season.

Providing Top Quality Mulch To Homes, Restaurants, And More!

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