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You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of product or service when it comes to residential and commercial firewood, mulch, and soil. Sherman Outdoor Services is dedicated to providing you the absolute best in your customer experience. Our years of experience are evident in the awards and testimonials we love to see from our numerous ecstatic customers. Serving the NOVA, MD, and DC areas, you can trust Sherman Outdoor Services to satisfy your firewood, mulch, and soil needs.

Michael M. shows how easy it is to light Sherman firewood.

Delivered with care, Sherman Outdoor Services firewood will make your fire pit sing.

Sherman Outdoor Services
Based on 39 Reviews
Richard K G.
Richard K G.
2024-02-14 07:49:25
I have been with these folks since they started. It's been great to follow their success. That's what a great product and first class service can do. Use...
Alexander C.
Alexander C.
2024-01-24 14:04:16
Best Firewood I've had in years and great service. Ended up getting a little more than I ordered and it burns easily and clean.
Matthew J.
Matthew J.
2023-09-27 17:17:43
Very fast and efficient firewood delivery. Neatly stacked exactly as requested. Dry, well seasoned wood. Highly recommend this company!
Marco L.
Marco L.
2023-01-10 08:04:46
contact them through the number (541) 931-9106 and place your order. Best firewood delivery in the area..
Sylvea H.
Sylvea H.
2021-11-20 11:00:03
I learned of Sherman Outdoors from Chimney Pro of Alexandria. They highly recommended the quality of wood and also, their tree cutting skills. Richard was...
Vakhtang A.
Vakhtang A.
2021-10-07 21:46:10
Excellent looking (and nicely smelling) kiln-dried firewood. I ordered over the phone and they were patient in answering all my questions. I received an...
Laura N.
Laura N.
2021-10-07 08:50:45
Second year using Sherman Outdoor Services (SOS). Last year we purchased a 1/2 cord of the kiln dried mixed wood. It was perfect for indoor and outdoor use,...
Andrew G.
Andrew G.
2021-01-27 17:55:46
This is my first experience purchasing firewood and I gotta say, this company certainly knows how to treat its customers. From the initial phone call all...
Evan Knisely
Evan Knisely
16:29 19 Mar 24
Sherman Outdoor is a very professional organization delivering high quality services. Would recommend them to anyone!
Emily Lane
Emily Lane
14:00 06 Feb 24
Excellent Company! They deliver and stack the wood neatly. It is very high-quality wood. Highly recommend.
Joseph Hewitt
Joseph Hewitt
19:17 28 Jan 24
Yes, buying kiln dried wood from Sherman Outdoor Services is totally worth it. I live in a DC row house with a narrow alley way that my driveway connects to. Even with that degree of challenge, Sherman had no difficulty bringing a truck in and skillfully backing into the driveway to deliver half a cord of wood. We have frequent fires in our Solo stove and the high-quality wood burns beautifully every night without exception. We've been customers every year since 2020 and you can bet we'll turn to them again next winter, too.
Greg Edwards
Greg Edwards
20:43 10 Jan 24
Excellent service, delivery and stacking of high quality Kiln Dried firewood. Fair price, a simple phone call and and quick turnaround.
Elizabeth B. Weaver
Elizabeth B. Weaver
23:31 02 Nov 22
Excellent firewood and great customer service. They keep in touch and delivery is on time. Highly recommend.
Wyndi A
Wyndi A
11:45 09 Feb 22
The firewood, the customer service and the firewood delivery are all consistently excellent. This year I went with the hickory and it smells amazing!! I have been using them for 3 years now and I couldn't give a better recommendation! Thank you Sherman Outdoor!
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Hard to believe I am this enthusiastic about firewood, but Richard has shown me the light. We had a 1/3 chord delivered about three weeks ago and have enjoyed our outdoor fire pit more than ever. They kiln dried wood burns cleaner, longer, and easier than anything else I have ever used. I couldn’t be more happy with Sherman Outdoor Services. Thank you, Richard!
M Thompson
Ordered wood from them. Had tons of questions. Rich was thorough and honest with his recommendations. Got 1/2 cord of kiln dried wood. Extremely satisfied. We will order again without question.
Emmanuel Skordalakis
This is the best firewood and service in the DC area. I live in McLean and have been purchasing and burning firewood in my hearths since 2006. I am so happy to have finally found the high quality firewood I have been searching for. The kiln-dried wood is incredibly dry, from a single source, and well worth the price. Rich delivered it promptly, stacked it quickly, and it has a beautiful hardwood aroma and color. It burns bright and hot. Thanks!
Douglas Wood
We have lived in the Alexandria area for over 15 years and by far, Sherman Outdoor Services has the best firewood delivery service we have seen yet.
Steve Cameron
Great service, great product! We ordered a cord of the kiln dried wood and could not be happier. It burns really well and produces a nice hot fire. I ordered the wood online on Thursday and it was delivered on Saturday. Will definitely order again next year!
Wendy Lincoln
We’ve been extremely happy the last three seasons getting our firewood from Sherman Outdoor. Rich’s customer service, prompt delivery, and product have been great.
I own and operate a barbecue catering service in the Washington DC area. I am very particular in the wood that I use for smoking. I needed a special order of custom cut green cherry split wood and Sherman Outdoor Services was able to fill this order. Not only am I highly satisfied with the product, but I was very impressed by Richard, the owner. He was very easy to work with and had professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend Sherman Outdoor Services to anyone looking for high-quality smoking wood at a very fair price.
Karl H
Highly recommend this company. Professional, efficient and great product. He arrived earlier than expected (we expected a delay due to bad weather). He stacked all of the wood and made sure he cleaned up and stray clippings from carrying the wood from the driveway. Very pleased.
Kelley Woods
Top of the line customer service. Punctual delivery. Great mix of wood splits of all hardwood. Give Sherman Outdoor Services a call.
Jerry Olexson
We have a fire in our fireplace almost every evening during chilly-to-cold weather and this year we had to find a new source of wood. Richard and Sherman Outdoor Services have filled the bill completely. in fact exceeding expectations on all counts.. Richard and his crew respond quickly, deliver dependably when they say they will, and respond carefully to any special requests or circumstances such as where and how to stack. Yesterday, in pouring rain, he delivered and stacked half a cord (if you’ve been buying by truck width, as I was, that’s a lot of woord) had good suggestions on how to stack and cover, and was careful about “social distancing.” For me, they offer an amazing selection of firewood types, from seasoned to kiln-dried to cherry and other specialty woods. If you want wood to use immediately, that ignites quickly, and burns completely, I found kiln-dried to be worth the somewhat higher price. If you’re laying in a supply that will be well covered and bake over the summer, seasoned wood should probably work. Cherry and the other exotics are there if you need them. All in all, Sherman Outdoor Services is a first-class source of excellent firewood. Very glad I found them.
Dick Cooper
The Kiln Dried Wood is great — easy to burn, very clean. Best I have ever used!
Dan Chaudoin
I ordered a 1/3 cord of firewood from Sherman. The order was delivered on time, friendly service, and the kiln dried wood was perfect for the outdoor fire pit. I will order from Sherman again and would recommend them to others.
Greg C.
Rich Sherman provides great service and the best firewood I’ve ever bought. Highly recommended.
Thomas Cohen
Look no further for your firewood! This is, hands down, the best company with the best service in the DC Metro area! Thank you!!!!!
Caren Kagan Evans
Another prompt, reliable and neat delivery of high quality firewood. We have been satisfied customers for several years.
Robert B
Richard is great to work with. He is reliable and knowledgeable. The Kiln Dried wood is absolutely worth it. It’s the best wood we have used. It lights easily, burns hot and clean. Sherman Outdoor Service has us enjoying our fireplace again.
Nick S
If I could rate this business 6 star I would. I called two days before thanksgiving to try and get a cord of wood delivered and having tried to get a delivery to Bethesda before from other companies and waiting weeks for delivery with numerous failed promises I was sceptical when Rich told me he would try to deliver before the holidays. Rich arrived on Thanksgiving morning, he stacked the wood for me and went out of his way to make sure we were happy he even carried some through my house into my porch. The wood was kiln dried, burns like a charm with no spitting and its puts out a lot of heat. I really think this business is great at customer service. If you need good firewood at a good price this company excels.
Jon Dean
Two things to mention. First, the kiln-dried wood we got was great, as promised. It burned really well. There’d be no point in mentioning the second thing if the wood was no good, but because it was great, the second thing is that it was easy and a pleasure to deal with Rich. He made sure we got our wood when we needed it (right before a Thanksgiving), even though he was busy and we didn’t live close by. I definitely recommend these folks.
Joel S
Sherman Outdoor responded to my request almost immediately and finished the job very expeditiously. Quality work and great prices.
M Howlett
Falls Church
Richard from Sherman Outdoor Services was prompt to respond, honest, and helpful in offering information. He showed up for the delivery on time with quality, clean, well seasoned firewood that didn’t have rotten or bug infested pieces. I got a true 2 cords of wood and would buy from them again. You can tell he is a small business owner that cares about his customers and reputation as he followed up a week after delivery to make sure I was satisfied. Great experience overall.
Eric K.
Kiln dried firewood! Who knew! It was the easiest and best fire ever. Richard and his team were on time and did a great job delivering and stacking the wood in my backyard. They were a pleasure to deal with.
Joe S
I bought a 1/3 quarter of the cherrywood and I could not be happier with the product. The scheduled delivery was executed on time, the wood was neatly stacked and has been burning great on every use. I have tried supermarket firewood, and I have tried firewood from vendors that drive through my neighborhood, and I am happy to say, I have finally found a source of quality firewood for my home. I highly recommend Sherman Outdoor Services!
Rich C.
Excellent job. Great service. Will use them again.
John Herriges
Ordered a half cord, arrived two days later. Ordered mixed hardwood, but ended up with all oak, clearly more than a half cord. These folks give great service, and generous measure. I’ll never buy from anyone else. They rock.
Stephen Johnson
I’ve been burning since I was old enough to play with matches, so I know a thing about pyrotechnics. Don’t be scared by the price tag – the Kiln dried is the best wood hands down. It lights up so fast even your wife will be able to start a good fire! Sherman Outdoor Services hustles to get you the fuel you need when you need it. I call them before anyone else and they never disappoint!
Abe Frohman
Reliable, on time, professional. Sherman Outdoor Services is the helping hand we all need.
Betsy R.