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At Sherman Outdoor Services, we are proud to be a supplier of high quality wood, mulch and soil in Bethesda, Maryland. We believe in the power of premium firewood. All of our wood provides different features and benefits. From different scents to add flavor to your BBQ, to different burn times for those long campfire nights – we have the best wood for any activity. All of our mulch and soil is also top quality and come in different types to choose from based on your needs. If you have any questions about any of our products please reach out to us!

Firewood Stacking and Delivery in Bethesda

Not only do we pride ourselves on having top-quality wood, we also want to provide our customers with top-quality service. That is why we offer delivery and stacking for all of our firewood orders. Properly stacking wood not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps with the aging process of the wood. We also stack the wood in a way that makes it easily accessible from the first to last piece you use. No matter how much you purchase, we can stack it. 

We provide the ability to buy in bulk which is more cost effective and also allows you wood more time to age. We offer order sizes of 1/3 cord, ½ cord and ful cords. Depending how often you use your fire will determine what option will be best for you in terms of convenience and price. If you are a first time wood buyer and not sure how much you should order, give us a call! Our team will be happy to provide advice based on not only what quantity you should buy, but also what type of wood will be best for you and what will best suit your budget.

Types of Firewood

Premium Hardwood Blend

This wood is a blend of hardwood, oak, ash, maple, and depending on the cut occasionally locust. This wood is left to dry for months before it is delivered to you. To further increase its quality it is best to purchase in the fall and store stacked.

Exclusively Oak Kiln Dried

This blend is exclusive to Sherman Outdoor Services. It has a beautiful aroma and is ideal for when you want a slow, consistent burn. It is great for pizza ovens, bbq pits, and for indoor fireplaces.

Exclusively Cherry Firewood

This is the newest and most luxurious type of wood in our catalog. The aroma from this premium wood will leave your space smelling amazing. It burns very hot and is perfect for fireplaces, bbq pits, and meat smokers.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Blend

This new product is one of the most exclusive and versatile types of wood. It is easy to light and burns hot and long. This is the best firewood for any kind of use, indoors, outdoors, cooking, and everything in between.

Other Services

Mulch and Soil 

At Sherman Outdoors Services, we also provide delivery services for all of our soil and mulch. Whether you are just looking for a layer of topsoil to refresh your garden, or mulch for a larger commercial landscaping project, we can provide you with what you need. We are also able to provide services for spreading soil and mulch, leaf removal, and manicuring for your gardens and lawns. We aim to provide services that take care of everything from beginning to end. If you have questions about any of our delivery services contact us to learn more!

Snow Removal

Bethesda is no stranger to snow, which is why we offer snow removal services for larger commercial properties. This includes properties like industrial warehouses, parking lots, neighborhoods, shopping centers and more. We understand that when snow falls it is important that it is plowed as quickly as possible. We aim to provide customer service that keeps you in the loop so you don’t have to stress about your property receiving snow removal. When a storm comes we strive to provide our services as quickly as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our professional snow removal services give us a call today.

Why invest in high quality firewood in Alexandria?

If you love to entertain, cook, or just cozy up next to the fire, you will notice, feel and taste the difference that high quality firewood can make. Want to have friends over for a campfire and don’t want to have to worry about tending to it? Invest in one of our blends like the Kiln dried hardwood blend which burns hot and for a longer period of time. Want a fire that will heat your space faster and provide ambiance? Try our All oak kiln dried wood which is known for its beautiful aroma and its slow, consistent burn. Or maybe you love to cook? Our Kiln dried cherry firewood burns extra hot and will provide a delicious aroma to your meats. No matter what you use fire for in Bethesda, our wood will elevate the experience and make you fall in love with a good fire even more.

Why Work With Us?

We strive to provide not only top-quality products but also top-quality customer service. By investing in premium wood you are also investing in the service we provide. We work to make sure every customer is completely satisfied with all of our work from stacking to spreading soil and everything in between. Our team cares deeply about providing service that is seamless from beginning to end. 

We also care that you love our products and that you get the right product for you. We want you to fall in love with our wood. Our experts know our products inside and out. If you ever have any questions about our products or services we encourage you to reach out and we will be happy to provide you with answers and advice. To experience the difference of premium wood and contact us today!

Proudly Serving Northern Virginia

Including Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Ashburn, Burke, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Falls Church, Franconia, Great Falls, Lorton, McLean, Reston, Springfield, Vienna, Washington, DC and some areas of Maryland.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a home grown company and always put the customer first and our Customer Service is second to none. Need two or three services done at your home or business? We can create a special rate/package just for your needs! Whether commercial or residential we are a trusted source to get the job done! We provide quick and reliable delivery services and can almost always deliver by the next day.

Bad wood is inconsistent and doesnt burn well. Ever had wood but couldn’t get it to light? Seasoned high quality wood doesn’t have this problem, espcially our Kiln dried blend. Good wood is easy to light, has consistent logs and burns smoothly. 

is an artificial yet highly effective way of quickly drying out logs. Wood takes between 4 days and a week to be dried with this method. It’s benefits are super easy lighting and a great burn. Kiln drying also kills insects during the process ensuring you a clean and safe burn.

Our purpose is your service. You’re not just buying firewood, mulch, soil, and other outdoor needs, you’re buying a trusted professional and consultant and the knowledge that our 10+ years of experience will afford you peace of mind that you’re receiving the very best. Every order we accept is under the expectation that you will be so satisfied that you’ll be back time and time again.

We service the DMV area. DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia! No job is too big or too small whether for residential or commercial deliveries we are flexible, timely, and organized. If your delivery is out of our delivery zone we will let you know and you may be subject to extra fees.

The popular Solo Stove fire-pits are a hit with our customers. The advantage of our bundle is the fact that it includes everything you need. Most sites sell everything a la carte, we package up what you need to get you burning right away. We also have them on stock = no wait time compared to competitors’ 3+ week wait time.

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Sherman Outdoor Services is an insured company and is 100% reliable for your home and commercial venue.