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Exclusively Oak Kiln Dried


Supplies are extremely limited – wait times may be longer than expected.

Our blend of exclusive blend of 100% kiln dried white and red oak! A great aroma and can also be used for pizza ovens and bbq pits. The same great burn as regular kiln dried firewood but a slower burn thanks to the consistent Oak logs. Great for those burning a lot of fires, still looking to have an easy light. All-oak kiln dried works great for indoor fireplaces or for those looking for a longer burn. Oak is a high BTU wood – it will burn consistently and leave little ash behind.

If you would like your wood stacked please pick the option from the dropdown menu. Sherman Outdoor Services reserves the right to charge additional fees for difficult or unusual delivery or stacking locations. If you are looking for delivery in Washington, DC, please call us at (703) 559-0344.

*We reserve the right to charge you more for outlier delivery locations.

**If we show up to your house and you refuse delivery, you will be charged a one time $85 fee.

***If our dump truck can’t access the site and we need to manually unload your wood please select the stacking option above.