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Firewood Services in Arlington, VA

Welcome to Sherman Outdoor Services, your one-stop solution for firewood services in Arlington, VA! We understand the importance of quality firewood for your indoor heating, outdoor fire pits, and cozy fireplaces. Our top-notch firewood options and additional services are designed to cater to all your needs, making your experience with us smooth, efficient, and satisfying.

We are committed to offering the best firewood options for our customers in Arlington, VA. Our seasoned team of experts meticulously selects and processes firewood to ensure that you receive only the highest quality products. With our wide range of firewood options and commitment to exceptional service, you can trust us for all your firewood needs.

Bulk Delivery Services for Enhanced Convenience

Sherman Outdoor Services recognizes the value of cost-efficiency, especially when dealing with firewood and landscaping materials. Our bulk delivery services cater to both residential and commercial clients in Arlington, VA, offering a convenient solution for stocking up on firewood, mulch, or soil.

Our firewood inventory is available in various quantities to suit your needs, such as 1/3 cord, half-cords, and full cords. If you need mixed firewood, we can also accommodate custom orders tailored to your specific requirements, combining different types of wood to provide the ideal blend for your heating, cooking, or recreational needs.

Whether you require a one-time delivery or regularly scheduled shipments, our team ensures a timely and professional service tailored to your needs. With our bulk delivery services, you can focus on enjoying your indoor and outdoor spaces while we take care of the logistics.

Firewood Options

Premium Hardwood Blend

Our Premium Hardwood Blend is an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality firewood that burns hot and clean. This mixture consists of premium hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and maple, ensuring a long-lasting, even burn. The mix’s high heat output and minimal creosote buildup make it perfect for both indoor heating and outdoor fire pits.

All Oak Kiln Dried

For those who prefer the classic oak aroma and exceptional heating properties, our Exclusive All Oak Kiln Dried firewood is the ideal choice. Oak is known for its high heat output and long burn times, making it a popular choice among firewood enthusiasts. Our kiln-dried oak firewood has a low moisture content, ensuring a clean, efficient burn every time.

Exclusively Cherry Firewood

If you’re looking for firewood with a delightful aroma, our our Cherry Firewood is the perfect option. Cherry wood provides a sweet, smoky scent when burned, elevating the ambiance of any indoor or outdoor setting. The kiln-drying process reduces moisture content and pests, guaranteeing a clean, easy-to-light firewood with a warm glow that’s perfect for your next gathering.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Blend

Our Versatile Kiln Dried Hardwood Blend is a combination of various hardwoods, such as oak, hickory, and ash, that have been carefully kiln-dried to ensure a low moisture content. This blend is an excellent choice for those who want a versatile firewood option suitable for multiple uses, including cooking, heating, and recreational purposes.

Additional Services

Mulch and Soil Delivery

At Sherman Outdoor Services, we go beyond high-quality firewood delivery. We also offer mulch and soil delivery to enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape. Our premium mulch and soil options are perfect for improving plant health, preventing erosion, and conserving moisture in your garden.

Snow Removal

Winter weather can create challenging conditions for homeowners and businesses alike. Our professional snow removal service helps keep your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots safe and accessible during the winter months. Trust us to take care of your snow removal needs so you can keep warm and dry.

Why Choose High-Quality Firewood in Arlington?

Choosing to partner with Sherman Outdoor Services for your firewood needs comes with numerous benefits. Not only do we provide a diverse range of good wood, but we also prioritize exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always available to answer your questions and help you select the perfect firewood for your needs. In addition, our prompt delivery service ensures that you have the firewood you need when you need it.

By choosing Sherman Outdoor Services, you can trust that you’re working with a company dedicated to providing the best possible experience for its customers in Arlington, VA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a home grown company and always put the customer first and our Customer Service is second to none. Need two or three services done at your home or business? We can create a special rate/package just for your needs! Whether commercial or residential we are a trusted source to get the job done! We provide quick and reliable delivery services and can almost always deliver by the next day.

Bad wood is inconsistent and doesnt burn well. Ever had wood but couldn’t get it to light? Seasoned high quality wood doesn’t have this problem, espcially our Kiln dried blend. Good wood is easy to light, has consistent logs and burns smoothly. 

is an artificial yet highly effective way of quickly drying out logs. Wood takes between 4 days and a week to be dried with this method. It’s benefits are super easy lighting and a great burn. Kiln drying also kills insects during the process ensuring you a clean and safe burn.

Our purpose is your service. You’re not just buying firewood, mulch, soil, and other outdoor needs, you’re buying a trusted professional and consultant and the knowledge that our 10+ years of experience will afford you peace of mind that you’re receiving the very best. Every order we accept is under the expectation that you will be so satisfied that you’ll be back time and time again.

We service the DMV area. DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia! No job is too big or too small whether for residential or commercial deliveries we are flexible, timely, and organized. If your delivery is out of our delivery zone we will let you know and you may be subject to extra fees.

The popular Solo Stove fire-pits are a hit with our customers. The advantage of our bundle is the fact that it includes everything you need. Most sites sell everything a la carte, we package up what you need to get you burning right away. We also have them on stock = no wait time compared to competitors’ 3+ week wait time.

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Sherman Outdoor Services is an insured company and is 100% reliable for your home and commercial venue.